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We are a nationally recognized law firm with a proven track record of success.  This is not our first rodeo.  We were just awarded the National Whistleblower Attorneys of the Year by the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund.  We have recovered almost two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) for American heroes who have come forward and protested the fraudulent acts of individuals and businesses that were ripping off the American public.

We only use experienced partners of the firm to handle your case.  Unlike the vast majority of firms that delegate legal work to associates or less experienced attorneys, at Wilbanks & Gouinlock we have learned that these cases require experienced  representation at every stage of the process.  That is why your case will never be handed off to anyone who is not a partner at our firm.

We evaluate your case thoroughly and honestly.  We are not interested in bringing cases that ultimately will not be successful.  We put the time in, up front, to make sure that we understand the facts and believe that your case will be successful before we agree to represent you.

We fight hard for our clients.  Our clients have received some of the largest Relator share awards ever.  When the case is settled, the Department of Justice determines what percentage of the recovery will be paid to the Relator and his or her attorney.  We have a proven track record in this regard.  We regularly recover Relator share awards that exceed the national averages.

Our reputations are established.  Our partners have received the highest attorney ratings obtainable from the largest and best known attorney rating system recognized across the country.  Marlan and Ty have been given the “AV” rating.  This indicates excellence with regard to ability and ETHICS.  Our reputations are very important to us and we always adhere to the most stringent ethical standards for the benefit of our firm and our clients.

We know how to build a winning team.  FCA cases routinely require much more than an excellent attorney and a client with direct knowledge of fraud.  Because of the complexity of these matters, we routinely use expert witnesses and consultants.  We know how to locate, procure and utilize third party experts and resources that will assist us in the assimilation and presentation of your case to the Government and defendants.  We also know how to put a team of top litigators together so that we can stand toe-to-toe with the large defense firms who represent the large companies we sue.

We are whistleblower specialists with our sole focus on the aggressive and ethical representation of our clients.  In the 1980s and 1990s, our firm was very successful in a broad array of commercial litigation matters.  However, over the last 17 years, we have decided to focus exclusively on the representation of clients who have meritorious FCA cases.  This is all we do.  We understand the law and we understand what it takes to evaluate and handle a winning case.  We work every day on cases of major significance across the United States.  You can read about our cases in the “News and Appearances” or “Case Highlights” sections shown on our website.

We communicate on a regular basis with our clients.  We personally receive and make all of our calls.  We pride ourselves in returning calls promptly and efficiently.  Our clients deserve and receive personal attention.  Bigger firms cannot match our level of client responsiveness and attentiveness.

We are straight shooters. We have developed this reputation on a local, regional and national level.  Our reputation and the relationships that we have built over the last decade with Government attorneys allow us to work effectively with prosecutors on a state and national level.

We care about our clients.  We consider all of the pros and cons before we recommend the filing of a qui tam (whistleblower’s) lawsuit.  Every potential case is not a winner.  These cases are tough.  We do not want our clients to subject themselves or their families to the hardships that can emerge for whistleblowers who do not have winnable cases.  Conversely, if the case has real merit and our clients are committed to the success of the case, we will represent them zealously.

Wilbanks & Gouinlock: Whistleblower Lawyers of The Year.  W&G understands the complexities and hardships of whistleblowing, and stands behind their clients to do what is right for the American Taxpayer.